• a tricolor corgi sits in the passenger seat of a car with a clear cup over his snout. his tongue is extended out and curling upward, trying to reach the last little bit of whipped cream in the bottom of the cup.
  • the tricolor corgi still has a clear plastic cup on his nose. he has tilted his head backward to try to get a better angle on the remaining molecules of whipped cream. his strategy is creative but ineffective. his tongue is out, but he can’t reach it all.
  • the tricolor corgi with a clear plastic cup on his nose is looking at you for assistance. his eyes have a look of determination: he’s not letting that last little bit go to waste.
  • 12/10

This is Ollie. He’s having his first ever pup cup. It’s going great. Wonders if you could rotate it a bit so he could reach the last part. He’s also pretty sure he’s stuck but that won’t matter until he’s completely finished.

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