• small black dog stands with his front paws on a sledgehammer that's sticking out of the wall. he's hard at work
  • now he's standing at a power saw bench, his paw on the saw, sunglasses and earmuffs on, his tongue sticking out. he's so cool
  • once again he's wearing his glasses and earmuffs, this time he has a tape measure attached to his hip
  • another day another power tool, except now he's wearing a ball cap and orange safety vest
  • 13/10

This is Brix. He is building the home of your dreams. Did not mention when you contracted him for the job that he is a one-dog construction company. He has been working on it for a while now. Two years to be exact. Which he’ll remind you is 14 years to him. Had to restart twice. Please lay off him

(courtesy @thetooldog on Instagram)

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